Steklov Mathematical Institute
Lomonosov Moscow State University

Mathematical Hydrodynamics
Moscow, June 12–17, 2006

Sponsored by
Russian Academy of Sciences,
Russian Foundation for Basic Research
(Grant no. 6-01-10041-г)
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Third announcement

Steklov Mathematical Institute in cooperation with Lomonosov Moscow State University is organizing an International Workshop on Mathematical Hydrodynamics, in Moscow, June 12–17, 2006.

The workshop will cover recent research advances in the theory of both viscous and inviscid fluids, including the study of the Euler equations, Navier–Stokes equations and the equations, governing the wave evolution on the surface of fluids. It is aimed at bringing together current research developments in mathematical hydrodynamics and pointing out new directions of investigation in this subject.

Organizing Committee:
Walter Craig, Andrei Fursikov, Patrick Gerard, Sergei Kuksin, Armen Sergeev, Eugene Wayne.
Confirmed Plenary speakers:
A. L. Afendikov, A. A. Agrachev, A. V. Babin, C. Bardos, Ch. Cheverry, R. Danchin, Gr. Falkovich, E. Feireisl, S. Friedlander, I. Gallagher, J. Gibbon, A. Kupiainen, D. Lannes, N. Masmoudi, F. Otto, P. I. Plotnikov, G. A. Seregin, A. Shirikyan, Al. I. Shnirelman, V. E. Zakharov, A. A. Zlotnik.
Place and time:
All the sessions will take place in the building of the Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Gubkina street, 8.

The registration of participants will start on June 12 at 9 a.m. in Steklov Institute. There is no registration fee for participants.
The conference starts on June 12 at 10 a.m. The program of the conference, as well as the list of participants, is attached to this announcement.
Form of presentation:
We will provide computer projector and projector for slides on all sections. We will provide a laptop only for plenary speakers, so other participates should bring their own laptop or just slides.
Most part of foreign partcipants will stay during the conference in the Hotel Universitetskaya (the prices are $75–80 for a single room and about $100 for a double room per night) and in the apartments inside Steklov Mathematical Institute. Several young foreign participants will stay in the Hostel of Moscow State University (MGU in Russian).
To settle in MGU hostel one needs to come to sector B of MGU Main building to the ground flour room number 1. Since June 11 is Sunday, entrance at Sector A (Club entrance) will be closed, and you will have to use entrance of sector B.
The Organizing Commitee will book minibuses and cars to pick up foreign participants, arriving to the Moscow International Airport Sheremet'evo-2. Please, inform us about your flight number and arrival time in advance. The most convenient arrival date is June 11. Just in case of an emergency you can use taxi or go from Sheremetievo II to the metro station "Rechnoy vokzal" by bus 851 and after that by metro to the hotels (see details below in the item "Individual using of Moscow transportation system").
We shall arrange a transportation for participants, staying in the Hotel Universitetskii, bringing them to Steklov Institute at the beginning of the morning sessions and back to the Hotel after the closing of the evening sessions.
Individual using of Moscow transportation system:
(The map)
One can get around Moscow by metro, bus, trolley bus, tram, or fixed-route taxi.
The Moscow metro is a convenient transportation system, connecting almost all parts of Moscow. The current subway fare is 15 roubles per ride. In order to pass there, one should buy a card in the caisse (there are such caisses at each station). The ground transport fare is 13–15 roubles per ride.
  1. One can get to the Steklov Mathematical Institute on foot from the metro station "Akademicheskaya" (15 minutes), by tram no. 14 or 39 from the metro station "Leninskii prospect" to the stop "Ulitsa Gubkina", or by trolley bus no. 4, 33, 62, or 84 from the metro station "Oktyabr'skaya" to the stop "Univermag Moskva". Also from metro station "Universitet" by tram no. 14, 39 to the stop "Ulitsa Gubkina" or by trolley bus no. 4 to the stop "Univermag Moskva". Instead of trolley bus or tram you can take a fixed-route taxi with the same route number.
  2. To get the Hotel "Universitetskaya" from metro station "Universitet" one can use trolley bus 34, or bus 103, 130, 187, 260 to the stop "Ploschad' Indiry Gandi".
  3. One can get the Hostel of MGU on foot from the metro station "Universitet" (15 min) or by bus no. 113, 119, 661.
  4. Direct connection from Stekov Institute to Hostel MGU is realized by bus 111 (from stop "Univermag Moskva" to the stop "Dom kul'tury MGU") and by bus 119, 57 (from the stop on the corner of Dmitriya Ul'yanova street and Vavilova street to the stop "Dom kul'tury MGU").
  5. You can get to the Steklov Mathematical Institute from the Hotel "Universitetskaya" by bus 111 from the stop "Ploschad' Indiry Gandy" to the stop "Univermag Moskva".
Participants will be able to get an Internet connection through computer in the Steklov Institute. The Wireless Internet connection from individual laptops will be available as well.
Tourist's information:
In the addresses listed below one can find information on Moscow notable places:
Mail Address:
Steklov Mathematical Institute, Gubkina 8,
Moscow, 119991, Russia
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